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Print on textile has become as simple and ordinary as a xerox copy. You only need a good idea, translated into a digital image. Printing can be done on textiles of various sizes and textures, such as cotton, polyester and more.

With a vast experience in this area, we offer the possibility to print on textiles (polyester or cotton) at the highest quality.

Technology has advanced a lot in the printing field. There are now high-performance textile printers that can be embellished with computer-based designs (such as digital ones), fabrics that can be used for interior decoration, but also in fashion, fashion, or advertising.

With the printing technology directly on the material we can now print right on the T-shirts.

The colors are extremely vivid and resistant to multiple washing and use.

Our prints are realized using the latest 100% ecological HP technology on any type of material:

    • print on natural yarn
    • print for publicity purpose
    • print on textiles used in the fashion industry
    • print on synthetic textiles

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