Personalized Bags

People are more and more busy and usually ignore all billboards or advertising messages. With us, creation is no longer limited to traditional channels – everything around can be a type of advertising with a real value of branding with the public.

ZARR is a company that offers you, among others, personalized bags, whether paper or plastic, in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and a multitude of chromatic palettes.

Depending on their destination, personalized bags can be of several types: gift bags, cordless or food transport bags or other products – those with a knob applied or cropped.


What we offer:

  • Competitive prices;
  • Superior quality for the product;
  • Seriousness in meeting delivery deadlines;
  • Favorable offers;
  • Promptness in taking orders;

We offer you the opportunity to be known and recognized through campaigns created for you, original and impacting on the desired segment.
Whether it’s radio, TV, print or on-line campaigns, we’re making sure your message gets right where it’s gotta get the desired result.

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